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Handgun Class Level II


APRIL 11 2021

JULY 11 2021

OCTOBER 03 2021

Is an intermediate pistol course that focuses mainly on running shooting drills, and re enforces pistol manipulation. In this course speed and accuracy start to play an important factor.

The class begins with a safety briefing and a demonstration of safe weapon handling. The course of fire will start with a slow pace and increase according to the capability of each individual student, we will touch on point shooting, moving of the X and various drills that will keep you on your toes and will require decision making.

Cost per student $175.00


  1. Have the ability to handle a gun safely in a range environment

  2. Pistol and 3 magazines

  3. Holster and mag pouch

  4. 400 rds

  5. Safety gear

Once you have made your payment please contact me or put your phone number on the comments on pay pal so I can reach out to you.

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