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What do I consider to be one of the most important aspects of the SDGC Level II handgun course, it’s pretty much a factor of things, first and foremost having lived and won a home invasion battle I took that experience and built a course that would be simple and to the point at the same time as effect as possible.

When a home invasion occurs are mind has to be ready to perform, it has to be a reaction that is almost instantly, get up retrieve your firearm asses the situation at hand , make sure this is not a family member roaming around. Once you have determined where you stand your mindset has to be on winning this encounter. Do you and your family have a plan, did you train for this, all this is something you don’t want to come up with on the spot.

Level II is focused on exercises and drills designed for this purpose, firing your pistol at close range, putting enough rounds on target to eliminate a threat, transition from one target to another, understanding the concept of single hand shooting and how to start a safe room and what should be inside it. These are just a few thing we discuss and practice. I encourage any person who owns or has a gun for self defense in there home take this course, it may safe your life and those around you.

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