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Sheepdog Gun Club membership

Welcome to Sheepdog Gun Club, an exclusive community that stands apart from Sheepdog Firearms Training LLC, yet complements your firearms training journey with unique perks and opportunities. As a valued member, you gain access to a range of benefits, notably enjoying discounts on training classes for both yourself and anyone who enrolls using your personalized member code.

At the heart of Sheepdog Gun Club is the bi-monthly Range Day—a special occasion designed for members to tailor their training experience to meet individual needs. During Range Days, consensus is reached among members on the primary focus for the initial part of the class. Subsequently, the group disperses to engage in personalized training sessions, allowing for a more targeted and effective learning experience.

Beyond the regular training sessions, Sheepdog Gun Club encourages its members to actively participate in various club activities. While participation is not mandatory, members are welcomed to engage in firearms training for recreation and self-defense, as well as activities such as hunting and the development of range staff skills. This creates a dynamic and supportive community where members can explore diverse aspects of firearms expertise at their own pace and level of interest.

Join Sheepdog Gun Club, where your commitment to personal growth in firearms proficiency is rewarded with a unique blend of tailored training, camaraderie, and the opportunity to contribute to the broader community of firearm enthusiasts.

To become a part of this elite community, members pay a one-time down payment of $200, followed by a monthly fee of $50. This membership not only grants you access to a range of unique benefits but also signifies your commitment to excellence in firearms training.

As a Sheepdog Member, you enjoy a host of privileges, including:

  1. Member T-shirts: Showcase your membership pride with exclusive Sheepdog Gun Club apparel.

  2. First Pick of Courses: Gain priority access to courses, ensuring you get the first opportunity to enroll in the training that aligns with your goals and interests.

  3. $25.00 Off Every Course: Receive a $25 discount on every course offered by Sheepdog Firearms Training. This benefit extends to anyone you sign up, enhancing the value for both you and your connections.

  4. Use of Sheepdog Firearms: Access Sheepdog firearms for training purposes without any additional cost, with the only requirement being payment for your own ammunition.

  5. 2 Boxes of Free Ammo (Availability): Enjoy the perk of receiving two boxes of free ammunition, subject to availability. This adds practical value to your training experience.

  6. Private Facebook Group: Engage with fellow Sheepdog Members in a private Facebook group where you can stay updated with notifications, ask questions, and foster a sense of community.


Welcome to Sheepdog Gun Club 

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