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Handgun  basic pistol



FEBRUARY 07 2021

APRIL 10 2021

JUNE 05 2021

AUGUST 08 2021

OCTOBER 02 2021

DECEMBER 04 2021

This course is designed to teach how to safely handle a pistol as well as guiding you threw the first shoot.

In this course we will cover gun safety, learn how to handle, operate and fire a pistol. Manipulations including loading magazines and identifying the condition of your pistol and how to remediate it, knowing how to distinguish different types of cartridges , understanding the types of cartridge malfunctions.

After we have established the importance of gun safety and proper handling we move on to the live fire portion. This transition is done at the students pace and once comfortable the student will put in practice everything learned throughout the day.

This course is focused on people who have never fired a pistol before, curious about how firearms really function, interested in buying a pistol or simply have one in your home.

Cost per student $225.00 ( ammo & gun rental included )

Cost per student $175.00 ( ammo & gun rental not included )

Requirements for this course

Minimum age is 10 years old

Once you have made your payment please contact me or put your phone number on the comments on pay pal so I can reach out to you.

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