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Sun, Jun 02



Women's Defense League

The EmpowerHER Firearm Training Program is a 6 month dynamic and comprehensive initiative designed exclusively for women who wish to develop their self-defense skills and gain confidence in handling firearms safely and responsibly.

Women's Defense League
Women's Defense League

Time & Location

Jun 02, 2024, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Azusa, 22100 E Fork Rd, Azusa, CA 91702, USA


About the event



6 Month program


Empowerment Through Preparedness: Women's Defense League Firearms Training Program

In an era where personal safety is a paramount concern, empowering women with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves is more crucial than ever. A well-structured firearms training program specifically designed for women is a gateway to self-reliance and confidence in the face of potential threats. Encompassing six essential classes: Firearms Introduction, Firearms Refresher, Home Defense Course, Rifle Class, Concealed Carry, and First Aid and Road Trip Advice.

Class 1: Firearms Introduction

The journey begins with "Firearms Introduction," where women are introduced to the world of firearms. This class focuses on building a solid foundation and understanding, irrespective of previous experience. Key topics include:

1. Firearm Safety: Learning the fundamental safety rules and etiquette to ensure responsible gun handling.

2. Firearm Types: An overview of different types of firearms, such as handguns, shotguns, and rifles, along with their applications.

3. Hands-On Training: Participants gain practical experience with and become familiar with firearm parts and functions.

Class 2: Firearms Refresher

"Firearms Refresher" is designed to reinforce safety practices and improve firearm handling skills. This class includes:

1. Safety Review: A thorough review of firearm safety rules, emphasizing their importance.

2. Handling Skills: Learning loading and unloading procedures and honing basic marksmanship and shooting accuracy.

3. Live-Fire Practice: The course moves to the firing range for live-fire exercises with handguns.

4. Shooting Drills: Introduction to shooting drills to enhance shooting techniques and accuracy.

Class 3: Home Defense Course

The "Home Defense Course" equips women with the skills necessary to protect their homes and loved ones responsibly. Topics covered include:

1. Home Security: Understanding home security and how to assess potential threats.

2. Selecting a Home Defense Firearm: Guiding participants in choosing the right firearm for home defense.

3. Safe Storage: Emphasizing safe storage and accessibility for home defense firearms.

4. Tactics and Strategies: Learning effective home defense tactics and strategies, followed by live-fire exercises for real-world scenarios.

Class 4: Rifle Class

"Rifle Class" delves into the world of rifles and their various applications. This class includes:

1. Rifle Types: Understanding different types of rifles and their respective uses.

2. Rifle Safety: Emphasizing safety rules and techniques specific to rifles.

3. Shooting Skills: Developing rifle shooting stances, grips, sight alignment, and sight picture.

4. Range Practice: Participants head to the range for live-fire exercises to hone their rifle marksmanship.

Class 5: Concealed Carry

"Concealed Carry" is a critical class for personal safety in public spaces. Participants learn:

1. Legal Aspects: Understanding concealed carry laws and regulations.

2. Holster Selection: Guidance on selecting appropriate holsters and concealment methods.

3. Defensive Skills: Learning how to draw from concealment and practice defensive shooting techniques.

4. Simulated Scenarios: Engaging in simulated scenarios and stress training for real-life preparedness.

Class 6: First Aid and Road Trip Advice

The final class, "First Aid and Road Trip Advice," extends beyond firearms and ensures a well-rounded preparedness. Topics include:

1. First Aid: Training in basic first aid, including handling gunshot wounds and CPR.

2. Emergency Response: Preparing participants for emergency responses in the event of accidents or medical issues.

3. Road Trip Safety: Road trip preparation and safety advice, including the creation of a safety kit, trasporting a firearm and guidance on vehicle safety.

Empowerment through preparedness is the core principle of this women-focused firearms training program. By progressing through these six classes you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for responsible firearm ownership, self-defense, and overall personal safety. This comprehensive program not only equips you with the means to protect yourself and  loved ones but also fosters a sense of empowerment and self-assurance that can extend into all aspects of life.


· June 2 2024

· July 14 2024

· August 4 2024

· September 8 2024

· October 6 2024

· November 3 2024


  • Women's league 6 month program

    Sale ends: May 25, 4:00 PM
    +$16.25 service fee



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