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Sheepdog Gun Club is separate from Sheepdog Firearms Training LLC. but as a member you are given certain benefits to training classes, such as discounts on classes for everyone who signs up with your members code.

Range day is every other month, this is your time as a member to take advantage of a more personalized training that fits your needs. Durning range days all members come to an agreement on what the main focus of the training will be for the first portion of class after that we break up into group and focus on our individual training.

Once a member of Sheepog gun club you are encouraged to participate in club activities such as firearms training for recreation and self-defense, hunting and range staff development.  This is not mandatory. 

Sheepdog Membership

Membership will be $200 down payment and $35.00 a month fee.

Benefits of membership:

  1. Member T-shirts

  2. First pick of courses

  3. $25.00 off every course Sheepdog Firearms Training provides, Also applies to any person you sign up 

  4. Use of Sheepdog firearms for training, only need to pay for your own ammo.

  5. 2 boxes of free ammo (availability)

  6. Private group on Facebook where notifications and questions can be answered. 

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